Branding for schools – why it matters

Branding For Schools And Trusts Is As Useful As It Is For Major Corporations.

People who don’t know your school will form judgements based on your school branding, which is why branding for schools is so important.

Whether it’s an accurate picture or not, the external image you put forth will impact how your school is perceived. As competition for students and staff intensifies, it is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that your online presence, printed materials and even the exterior of your school buildings are making the right impression.

A strong, consistent brand is particularly critical for trusts. A distinctive logo, font and design should echo across all marketing materials within your school network, from your school website, prospectus and printed materials right through to school signage and external displays.

Visit our Venturers Trust case study to see our branding for schools in action.

Venturers Trust branding for schools

The Importance Of Branding For Schools

Distinctive and consistent school branding will reflect a level of professionalism, and will express that you are serious about standards of excellence. It will make a real difference in the way in which you: –

  • Attract the best staff;
  • Recruit new students;
  • Increase aspirations and self-esteem in existing students;
  • Improve your profile in the local community;
  • Engage with other education providers or businesses.

Branding For Schools Pack

School Branding Guidance And Support

Cleverbox provide invaluable guidance and support throughout all of the key phases involved in building successful school branding, including: –

We have various packages and payment options available to suit all budgets. For further information or to find out more about branding for schools, please speak with a member of our team. You can call us on 0208 466 7222 or email [email protected]

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