School Website Case Study – Reed’s School

We’re delighted to share our Reed’s School website case study and hope it gives you some ideas on how to refresh your own school website. In this school website case study, you’ll also get some insight into the school website design process we go through for each of our fantastic customers!

When we were first contacted by Reed’s School in Cobham, Surrey, they were working with a website provider who wasn’t meeting their needs from a product and service perspective.

They were looking for:

  1. A fully bespoke school website they could be proud of
  2. Unlimited, dedicated support from a UK based team
  3. An easy to use, intuitive content management system
  4. And a digital partner who genuinely cared about meeting the school’s objectives

The Cleverbox team were delighted – this is exactly what we offer to our clients!

Having been recommended to approach Cleverbox by one of their feeder prep schools, we put together a detailed proposal for Reed’s outlining what we could provide in line with their budget. We then met face to face with Alison Atkins, Assistant Marketing Director, and Kathryn Bartram, Marketing & Development Director, at the school. Within that session we clicked right away and were confident that we could achieve the school’s aims for their new website.

“Huge thanks to Cleverbox who ensured our vision & objectives came to life with their great team of experts in website design. From initial concept to final product, they were professional, approachable & flexible. Collaboration at its best!”

– Reed’s School Cobham

Reed's School website case study mobile

As standard with all Cleverbox school websites, the new Reed’s School website is fully responsive across devices. We know that about half of all online searches now take place on mobiles, so it was critical to ensure the website was optimised to work seamlessly when viewed on a mobile phone. It was important that no functionality would be lost, so we designed the website responsively to ensure every image, piece of text and interactive feature works wonderfully on any internet enabled device.

A picture paints a thousand words…

What really brings the new Reed’s School website to life is the incorporation of beautiful photos of the school’s buildings and its staff and pupils in action, to paint a picture of what school life is really like at Reed’s. In addition to a modern representation of the school, there’s also a big focus on its rich Heritage and the values that have characterised the school since it was established way back in 1813. 

Reed's school website case study homepage

Features to be proud of…

The Homepage was designed to look sleek and modern, allowing the images that open up to speak for themselves, without too many distractions. Hence the menu is both clear and unobtrusive in its symmetrical layout. The addition of an upper level of menu tabs provides a separation between the main school tabs and links to their enterprise activities, as well as quick links to external areas like their VLE.

The bold text feature also allows the school’s values to be immediately obvious to visitors.


Reed's school website case study community

The ‘Reed’s Community’ feature provides a platform for one of the most important aspects that the school wanted to convey on their new website – the significance of the community. The school’s most important advocates: its pupils, parents, staff and former pupils all share their thoughts about what it’s like to be part of that community, and convey the warmth and inclusivity that Reed’s embodies. 

With a snapshot on the homepage, one can get a glimpse of the testimonials without even needing to click through to the Community homepage. This creates a powerful first impression for website visitors who are considering joining the Reed’s family!


Reed's school website case study news

We also love the incorporation of the school’s News and Twitter feeds directly on the homepage, so existing and prospective families can see what’s happening in real-time whenever they visit the website. Clicking on a thumbnail will direct you to the school’s Twitter page or News section, so you can read the full article and find out more.


Reed's school website case study history

The ‘Explore our History’ feature on the Homepage allows the heritage of the school to be emphasised and links through to the timeline, allowing visitors to view a page that is rich in the history of the school.

Reed's school website case study timeline


Reed's school website case study values

The School’s Values were something that Reed’s wanted to ensure were prominent across their website. As well as appearing on the home page, this feature allows them to be seen and explained in a clear and concise way.


Reed's school website case study old

‘Beyond Reed’s’ is dedicated to the community of proud past pupils and teachers who have created a legacy that remains very close to the heart of the school. Alumni can connect and share via the website and use the menu bar on the left hand side of the page to find out what’s going on in the world of Old Reedonians, so they’ll never miss out!


Reed's school website case study staff

The Staff Profile section allows members of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors to be introduced to any website visitor, while individual biographies allow their qualifications and experience to shine.


Let’s talk about service

When we first met with Alison, one of the main points she raised about their previous supplier was that they didn’t receive the level of support they expected or needed when it came to the day-to-day management of their website. 

We’re thrilled that we’ve received such positive feedback from Alison and the team, with Alison even tweeting during the process,

“We’re really enjoying working with our account manager, Emily, on our new website. The designs are looking fabulous and she makes the process smooth and hassle-free. Can’t wait to launch!”

All Cleverbox clients receive unlimited web support once their school website has gone live because we believe that simply building a website isn’t enough. We really want our customers to get the full benefit and enjoyment of managing their site. We also always highlight the importance of keeping content fresh because it helps with SEO and gives a great impression to website visitors, especially those that visit more than once.

Reed’s School website case study – The end result

We could spend all day telling you how great the new Reed’s School website is, but the best way to judge is to see it for yourself! Visit the site on your mobile phone, tablet or PC and find out more about this fantastic school. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this project to life and thank you to Reed’s School for giving us the opportunity to work together and create something we can all be proud of. We love what we do!

If you’re looking for a digital design partner who will go the extra mile when it comes to offering exceptional service and a fully bespoke school website, get in touch! 

You can call us on 0208 466 7222 or email the team on [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you and help bring your brilliant new school website to life!