School Website projects – June 2019 showcase

How is it June already?! The Cleverbox team has been hard at work on some fantastic school website projects and terrific trust websites that are beautiful to look at, easy to use on any device and above all else, genuinely useful for visitors. We’ve also been fortunate to receive some lovely feedback from some of the schools we’ve worked with, and it really means the world to us – it’s why we work so hard and do what we do!

Here’s a selection of the latest school websites and trust websites that have recently gone live.

school website projects islington futures

Islington Futures Trust

Islington Futures Trust was established in September 2018 based on the belief that schools are stronger when working together. We completely agree that unity is the key to success! For this reason, we’ve ensured a unified design across the trust website and Beacon High School, one of its member schools.

The trust website and member school site are both simple by design and have a very clear and approach to navigation, so visitors to the each site can find what they’re looking for, whether they’re a parent, pupil, teacher or trust stakeholder.

school website projects ortu federation

Ortu Federation

The Ortu Federation is a trust that was formed as a result of a shared passion to transform educational and social outcomes for children for the better. Members of the trust are determined to ensure that young people receive an exceptional education through schools working in strong partnerships to change lives and improve chances.

Cleverbox were fortunate to be selected to create the new trust website, as well as a standalone site for each of its member schools.  A consistent look and feel for each of its member school websites showcases the trust brand but each site includes its own imagery, content and motto to celebrate what makes that school truly unique.

Member schools within the Ortu Federation include:

school website projects hassenbrook academy


As a small school, every individual counts. All staff know students really well and strive at all times to meet their needs ensuring their unique personalities, talents and interests are nurtured and developed to the full.

school website projects corringham primary

Corringham Primary

A school that aims to give every child an education they enjoy, which prepares them for academic and personal success now and in the future.

school website projects gable hall academy

Gable Hall

A school that promotes values such as respect for each other, integrity in all that they seek to achieve and the wholehearted pursuit of excellence in both academic attainment and social accomplishments.

school website projects sixth form

Stanford & Corringham Sixth Form.

A Sixth Form built around a personal experience. Although the priority is to achieve the best academic results possible, they also want to provide an environment which provides for students’ intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth.

school website projects TKAT teaching school alliance

TKAT Teaching School Alliance

Have we mentioned how much we love a homepage video? We have? Well, we’re saying it again because the video on the homepage of the new TKAT Teaching School Alliance looks so good! The video plays automatically upon arrival and brings the site to life in an instant. It also gives a really tangible view of the friendly and inclusive community that exists within the alliance, so will appeal to any prospective teachers who are considering joining but perhaps need an extra push.

school website projects hardwick primary

Hardwick Primary

A member school of the GLF trust, Hardwick Primary has recently undergone a major refurbishment of the school and now has a modern building with impressive facilities. There’s a forest school area, pond, garden and two large playgrounds for children to enjoy!

As one of 25 Primary Schools within the GLF family, the Cleverbox team wanted to create a website that reflected the enormous strength of the trust brand, but also promote the unique ethos, activities and approach of this wonderful member school.

school website projects titan aston academy

Titan Aston

The size and structure of this academy school in Birmingham allows for each pupil to be treated as a special individual. The staff at Titan Aston Academy takes their roles as teachers and mentors very seriously. They seek to teach and mentor pupils as they begin to take responsibility for their own decisions, determine their own attitudes and form their own opinions as to what life is all about.

The school website includes a lot of useful information that gives prospective parents and pupils a good sense of what to expect when enrolling. But helpfully, there are also links to external information sources, such as the Local Authority school performance comparison tool, which allows anyone to compare schools using their school name or location.

school website projects sharing excellence teaching school

Sharing Excellence Teaching School

With a range of opportunities for the development of teaching and support staff, the Sharing Excellence Teaching School aims to make a meaningful difference to the educational experience of children within their network. This superb teaching school is part of the Dunraven Educational Trust, so the website has a similar design to the trust website but is also entirely unique in its content, imagery and information.

school website projects east borough primary VIAT

East Borough Primary

As part of the Valley Invicta Academies Trust, this wonderful Primary school in Maidstone has established a warm and welcoming environment where pupils are encouraged to aim high. The school curriculum is broad and balanced and it is enriched with trips, visits, productions, extra curricular activities and wrap-around care.

We particularly like the dedicated learning area within the website, which includes information about everything to do with the structure, approach and opportunities for learning within the school.



We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our latest school website projects! If you’re keen to give your school website or trust website a brand new look, get in touch to find out how we can help. You can call us on 0208 466 7222 or email [email protected] and we’ll begin by chatting about your school, your requirements and your budget. Then we’ll build a tailored proposal that meets your needs. Your new website could be up and running in as little as sixteen weeks!