Centralised school policy control for Trusts – Introducing KIM

Cleverbox Websites Centralised Policy Management for Trusts

KIM (Key Information Manager) is a new centralised school policy control panel for Trusts.

KIM will provide you with greater control over the statutory documents and policies published across all of your school websites.  You can view, edit, report and manage them centrally, in one single place… saving you hours of time!

“The new centralised Key Information Manager feature has transformed the way we manage policies and statutory information across the Federation. It helps to proactively manage Head Office and Academy policies, notifying us in advance of renewal dates and providing us with invaluable operational oversight.”

Humphrey Gullett, Compliance & Data Protection Manager Harris Federation

Tools to help you ensure your statutory information is always kept up-to-date & compliant with regulations.

Centralised school policy control tools for compliance

Traffic light system: Easily see which policies are up for review.

Automated email alerts: Never forget to update a document with email reminders for documents approaching their expiry date.

Schedule policy updates: Assign a review date and designated administrator for each document.

Reports: Export reports for each of your schools and keep on top of administration.

Cleverbox Websites centralised school policy control Trust Policy Manager KIM

Key benefits For Trusts

• Helps you keep school policies up-to-date & compliant

• Makes documents easy to find for parents and Ofsted inspectors

• Saves administration time

• Assigns actions & sets reminders

• Pushes policies out to all school sites

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