Cleverbox offers WordPress websites for schools

As demand for open source school websites continues to grow, WordPress websites for schools have become a popular and affordable option to consider. Cleverbox offers WordPress websites for schools and trusts that are quick to build and very easy to manage.

With nearly 20 years’ experience, our expert team of designers create beautiful bespoke school websites that are extremely effective for schools who want to enhance their online reputation. Our proprietary websites are guaranteed to improve your SEO, boost enrolment figures and can even help you recruit staff. Best of all, Cleverbox websites are very easy to manage and maintain via our dedicated CMS, and include unlimited customer support as standard.

In addition to our bespoke school website solutions, we are proud to offer WordPress websites as an alternative option for schools to consider.

With over 30% of websites using the WordPress system as their CMS, this is an excellent option for schools who want an open source route when developing their new site.

Wordpress websites for schools

Here are our top benefits of WordPress websites for schools:

· Simple CMS– because the features of WordPress are limited, the CMS is very light and easy to use, without minimal training needed

· Customisable – there are over 50,000 free and paid plugins to choose from, so we are able to tailor the site to suit your needs

· Evolution– the WordPress community is home to thousands of website developers, meaning that new functionality and plugins are available all the time

· It is reliable– our technical team will ensure your WordPress plugins are kept up to date, so you will always be running the latest version

· It is flexible– our creative team are able to design beautiful bespoke websites for your school, without being limited by a pre-existing framework or theme

· It is secure– We can offer the same level of site security (including SSL and GDPR compliance) through the WordPress engine as we would with our own CMS

· It is scalable– You are not limited by a maximum number of pages or content, so have the freedom to grow your site in line with the school’s requirements

· It is social– We can offer a variety of social media options for your new site, making sure your parents are always informed.

When discussing your new school website with our team, we will guide you through the technical requirements of the site as well as the look and feel. Every website CMS (content management system) has pros and cons, which is why we offer schools the option to choose between our custom CMS and a WordPress website.

We believe in creating a website and school brand that will last for years to come so will ensure that we find the best system for your school.

Wordpress websites for schools

WordPress is a fantastic and flexible option for your school website should you choose it.

However, here are some points to be aware of when deciding on your new platform.

Security risks: Being an open source platform means a WordPress site can be vulnerable to web attacks. It’s critical to choose reputable plugins and keep your security certificate up to date to protect your site

Page load speed: Using a WordPress theme means you’re bound by the code that powers it. This makes it difficult to make changes if your site needs some help with load speeds and compression of images

Effect of updates: It’s great that WordPress makes regular updates to its websites but this may cause issues to your site. In some cases you may need to revert to a previous version of your site if an update causes problems

Limited CMS functionality: Because the WordPress CMS is standardised, it cannot offer the same level of functionality as a proprietary CMS. Similarly, updates are generic and don’t use specific feedback from schools in the way our ReactCMS does

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