Project Spotlight: Harris Sixth Form Website Design

Harris Sixth Form School Website Design

Throughout 2017, we’ll be cherry-picking one newly launched school marketing project to share with you every month. This January has seen the launch of a number of new school websites, including an exciting redesign of the Harris Sixth Form website.

As an existing client, Harris Sixth Form tasked Cleverbox with updating their website with a fresh new look that would complement their existing brand and appeal to their target audience.

To kick-start the project, an extensive briefing process was undertaken with the client. User behaviour data from Google Analytics was analysed, which allowed us to identify opportunities to explore on the new website.

The Challenge

Harris Sixth Form boasts over 60 course options across their 11 central London campuses. One of the main site objectives was to help funnel potential new students from finding course information through to the online application process.

The Solution

Prominent calls to action compel users to search for courses using the Course Finder, with the ability to refine results by course type and campus. Upon selection of a course, detailed course information is then accessible, styled neatly and consistently in accordion boxes. The user can also click through to campus information, aiding navigation on the site and increasing dwell time.

The intended user journey can be completed through the online application form, which emails a copy of the application to the school and stores the information on a database for bulk download via CSV.

Website Features

In addition to our school website core modules, the website features:

  • Interactive Campus Finder
  • Course Finder
  • Event Banner
  • Online Application Form
  • Slide-in Twitter Wall
  • News, Events and Notices Home ‘Dashboard’


The Result

As the site is newly live, it will take time before the site ‘settles’ and meaningful user data can be collected and reviewed. However, the initial feedback received by the client from key stakeholders and students has been extremely positive.