How Social Media can make your school more visible

By ‘visible’ we’re obviously talking online visibility. If you’re wondering why your school needs greater online visibility it comes down to a stark reality: the education sector is becoming more competitive.

There’s competition for students, competition to attract the most talented and enthusiastic teachers, and competition to secure finite support from business and the community.

The internet and social media networks pervade our lives. It’s where we go to find things out and where we shape many of our opinions. If your school doesn’t have an actively managed presence, you’re missing a large part of how the modern world connects and communicates.

Increased engagement

For many busy parents engagement with your school historically meant newsletters, the occasional note home, parents’ evenings and the odd performance. Give them some lively social media accounts to follow (and an app) and the frequency and richness of the engagement is increased.


Social media posts and profiles are highly visible to search engines. Tweets or Facebook posts by or about your school will be there on page one of a Google search, with your official website. If you are putting out your own posts regularly you have some influence over what appears.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is another area that benefits (although indirectly) from social media activity. Despite what some people think, Google doesn’t count the number of likes and shares on social media to decide how it will rank the schools in your area in search results. But that social media activity does result in backlinks, which Google does use for ranking sites.

Why does this matter?

If somebody types secondary school in (town name) into Google the search results page will show the so-called ‘3 pack’ box at the top of the page.

This will contain the three results it judges to be the best or most relevant. Being active on social media will significantly increase your chances of being one of them, particularly when somebody looks for a school in a particular area but doesn’t know what they are called.

More activity also increases the likelihood of your school surfacing in a wider range of search queries.
Social media is essentially a vast online conversation. If you’re not active, you’re not part of it, even though the people you’d like to attract (staff, parents, students) probably are.

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