How to set up a YouTube account for your school

From video prospectus’ to student testimonials, YouTube is a great platform for your school. Follow our fool proof guide to setting up a YouTube account and start sharing your school videos.

Step 1

Simply sign in using a Gmail address or Google + account. Don’t have a Google + account? Set one up here.

Step 2

In the top right hand corner of the YouTube page click on the circle. In the dropdown select Creator Studio.

This will then take you to a page prompting you to create a channel, select this option.

Step 3

You are now setup on YouTube so the next step is to customise your page.

Go to the Dashboard screen on the left hand side this shows you an overview of your channel.

You want to personalise your page so it matches your school branding. Click View Channel which can be found underneath your username.

We would recommend adding a header banner, making sure it meets the size requirements (a minimum of 2048 x 1152 pixels). You should also add a description of what your channel is about.

Don’t forget, you can also tweak your channel settings including turning off comments or only showing those that have been approved – ideal for schools.

Step 4

Once the account has been set up and is branded, it is time to start uploading videos!

In the top right hand corner of the site there will be an upload button. Click it and select the video that you wish to upload.

Youtube will then start to upload and process the video for you. Remember, depending on the file size this may take a while to load.

Once uploaded you can then edit the video and give an appropriate description and tags so that people can easily search for the video. After this has been completed select the Publish button and the video will then be live.

Step 5

After the video has been uploaded successfully you can then embed the video into your website and publish across your social platforms. Simply right click on the video when it is uploaded in view mode and select Copy embed code.

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