Safeguarding pupils and promoting well-being

Safeguarding your pupils dunraven school

Safeguarding your pupils – it’s one of the most important commitments your school can make to parents when they entrust their children into your care. We know that safeguarding covers a broad remit, as each school has different measures in place to keep pupils safe and happy.

That’s why, with anti bullying week taking place in the UK from the 12th to the 16th of November, we have been talking to the fantastic teaching staff we work with to hear more about how they protect the safety and well-being of their students and staff.

The key themes we’ve uncovered are:

  • Cultivate an open environment where pupils are encouraged to speak out
  • Build an ongoing dialogue between pupils and staff to help highlight any issues
  • Designate members of staff who are available to students if they feel unsafe
  • Create areas of calm within the school where pupils can sit, think and reflect

Safeguarding pupils and promoting well-being

Here are some initiatives our customers have shared:

St Edward’s Church of England Academy have developed the slogan ‘life in all its fullness’ to describe their culture of support among students and staff. They have created a survey that pupils are asked to complete and this helps staff highlight any areas in which greater support is needed for pupils in year 7 to 13.

Headteacher, Jodie Hassan explains:

“At St Edward’s Academy, we actively promote the right of students to be happy and feel safe at school. We have focused tirelessly on developing a culture where students understand that our first priority is their wellbeing. We have developed a wider ethos of safety and trust  – we are a telling school.”

“To ensure that this focus begins from the very start of each student’s 7 year journey with us, we tie wellbeing into our programme for secondary transition. All new starters complete an online survey based on student wellbeing and transition. This is completed after their first two weeks at school.  The survey is adapted from one devised by a research group at UCL and looks at aspects of home and school life to ensure students are settled.

Collecting first-hand student response helps strengthen the support network from home and school. Over the course of the year, samples of students from each year group will complete the survey in order to provide us with a real time overview of our provision.  We ensure that we are able to respond to students’ needs in a proactive manner.”

St Edwards Academy wellbeing survey

St Edwards Academy wellbeing survey


Cleverbox have also recently worked with Lampton School in Hounslow to design Safeguarding posters that encourage students to speak up about any worries they have. These posters are on display around the school, so pupils have access to a safe, confidential route through which they can share any concerns, and are clear on which members of staff to approach.

Safeguarding posters lampton school cleverbox

Safeguarding your pupils can also mean creating quiet spaces where they can escape the hustle and bustle of a busy school environment.

St Peters Church of England school in Exeter have achieved this by transforming a previously unused area of their school into a beautiful well-being zone, where students can sit calmly and reflect, surrounded by inspiring quotes, words of wisdom and peaceful images. The Cleverbox team worked closely with Martin Burt, Deputy Headteacher at St Peters, to design and install a combination of wall graphics, displays and window stickers to achieve their aim. The end result is a stunning example of how simple visual prompts can instantly build a more inspiring and calm environment for pupils.

St Peters Church of England school well-being zone

“We aspire to enable every member of St Peter’s to say, “People believe the best of me here. I am safe. I take considered risks in order to learn and grow. I bring the best of me to St Peter’s and serve others to live the best life they can too.” 

We learn to live ‘life to the full’ by developing our whole character. We do this by educating so that hope, wisdom, courage, compassion and community flourish.”


We would love to hear about how your school safeguards pupils and promotes a culture of well-being.

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