How to set up a Twitter Account

It’s time for your school to start tweeting! Twitter is a brilliant way to engage and inform your school community and prospective students. Here’s a speedy guide to setting up your account.

Step 1: Personal Details

Firstly, head to Twitter and fill out your Twitter admin’s name, your school email address and password.

Step 2: Choosing a username

Choosing a username is probably the most important step of all as this is what people will use to recognise your brand. Try to create a username that is short but makes your school recognisable and easy to find. Keeping your username short is vital as when someone replies to your tweet your username is included in the maximum of 140 characters per tweet.

Step 3: Interests

You’ll want to select topics of interest to your school and then follow your neighbouring schools and affiliated associations. Don’t worry you can always do this at a later stage.

Step 4: Photo

Time to upload a high resolution version of your school logo as your profile picture. Keep in mind that the twitter icon will be circular so make sure your school name sits centrally and has a nice amount of space around it.

Step 5: Find Users

You are then prompted to find Twitter users with your school’s email address or alternatively, skip this stage.

Step 6: Confirm Account

Verify your email and you are then ready to go!

Step 7: Customisation

Click on your Twitter username on the left hand side of the screen beneath your logo.

Next, click on the ‘edit profile’ button on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can add in further information about your school e.g. your school website address, bio and a header image.

Add a nice twitter banner, we suggest a school photo with an element of branding, such as your school motto overlaid over the image. Once again make sure this image is a large file or the banner will be pixelated. The ideal size is 1500px by 500px but Twitter will enlarge images for you too.

All set up!

Your account is fully set up, time to start tweeting! Use this new platform to share photos and short videos from your schools events, re-tweet articles and share your achievements. Keep note to update on a regular basis and enjoy the benefits of your new account!

Check out our guide to Making the Most of Your School Twitter account for more tips on using this social media platform.

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