School Marketing

Social Media

Social media is just a fad.

You might think so – and it’s true, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great for sharing holiday photos and cat videos!


But, social media is increasingly being recognised as a valuable and effective marketing tool for schools.

Because young people and adults in their early twenties are so active across social media, this is the perfect place to promote your school.


What you can expect from your campaign:

  • We’ll create your adverts and write the copy for you
  • We’ll set up targeting to make sure the right people see your ad
  • You’ll get a report showing how many people saw and clicked your ad
  • You’ll also see the cost of each click so you can calculate your ROI


We can also manage your social media accounts for you, meaning we’ll post regular, useful content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Packages cost £600 per month

+ £300 for design of creative

+£150 per channel

+ budget for allocated social media spend


(please note, the cost above as pertains to ongoing management of your social media channels, does not include paid advertising or community management. eg. replies to comments)

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